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INOVEM Consult is a powerful and highly configurable online consultation platform for managing, deploying and analysing consultations through your choice of media: interactive questionnaires, quick polls, feedback against document sections and online discussion forums.

It enables you to present issues to stakeholders and the public in a clear and understandable way that encourages online engagement, participation and response. All data is securely stored in a structured format, building a solid evidence base and enabling fast, accurate and reliable data analysis.

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Key Features

questionnaire feedback screenshots

Versatile online engagement

The ability of INOVEM Consult to manage a wide variety of consultation methods is a major strength. The product offers a range of flexible online consultation techniques that can be used independently or in association with each other, including:

  • Online surveys – with variable question types, randomisation, conditional branching, progress bars and automated thank you emails.
  • Interactive consultation documents – that allow responses and comments, section-by-section on policies, issues and options.
  • Discussion forums – enabling peer-to-peer discussions, that can be optionally moderated, to help capture issues, ideas and views.
  • Quick polls – sometimes for fun, but a great way to seek and provide instant summaries of public voting on single topic issues.
  • Uploading of offline responses – enabling staff to manually input feedback on behalf of a stakeholder, ensuring everyone’s views get properly recorded.
Screenshots showing the application pages for consultation managers to upload and manage consultation documents, set permissions and review a checklist of things that need to be completed before launching a consultation.

Streamlined consultation management

Our online consultation platform makes it straightforward for consultation managers to build, launch and manage their stakeholder engagement activities. Some of the tools provided to them include:

  • A consultation dashboard builder to attractively layout and present key information, feedback options and embed videos and social media feeds.
  • Document management for consultation and supporting documents, response templates and the publication of summary results.
  • Microsoft Word import facilities to create interactive online ‘structured’ documents that allow for stakeholder feedback, paragraph-by-paragraph.
  • Policy settings that control who may take part in consultations and have visibility of results and at various stages of a consultation.
  • Pre-defined consultation templates and pre-launch checklists to help standardise feedback methods, improve familiarity and ensure compliance.

Effective stakeholder management and profiling

You can really build your relationships with stakeholders through INOVEM Consult. Our customisable Stakeholder Database enables you to build a valuable knowledgebase that develops over time, recording stakeholders’ participation and your understanding of their specific interests. In addition, we provide:

  • A People Finder facility to help you identify who to invite to participate, providing targeted notifications on how to get involved.
  • Facilities to customise registration profiles and back-office attribution and classification of stakeholder records.
  • An online calendar to help members of the public and other stakeholders search for, and subscribe to, current and future engagement activities.
  • Automation of periodic email subscription alerts notifying stakeholders of consultations that match their declared interests.


Screenshots of report chats, maps and tags against qualitative responses

Integrated data analysis and reporting

INOVEM Consult includes a powerful, user friendly report writer tool, which can generate a wide range of customised reports and charts based on the data in the system. In addition:

  • Automatic summary graphs provide real-time feedback during a consultation
  • Text-based qualitative responses can be systematically tagged and coded to capture and report on key themes, issues and ideas.
  • Tabular reports can be generated of comments made against each document section.
  • Data can be filtered and selectively exported to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Excel, CSV and JSON for further processing.
  • As an option, you can create pin map-based reports based on the post code location of respondents with specific views.

Managing offline respondents easily

There will be stakeholders who prefer to use paper-based communications. To ensure that no-one is unfairly excluded, INOVEM Consult provides an integrated letter production facility that can be used to generate customised paper and/or email communications to selected sub-sets of stakeholders.

The integrated mail-merge facility allows data from the consultation, stakeholder and response databases to be inserted into a customised, organisationally branded, letter whose template can be saved for subsequent re-use.

As part of your audit trail, a letter log is maintained of all letters and emails produced and the stakeholder database can be used to review or re-send any correspondence.

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